Polonaise in C Minor

by Caleb Bristol

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This piece is a minimalist work that is ~28 minutes. The further the piece progresses, the melody elongates itself in the other synth parts. This piece presents a cacophony of sound that blends dissonant chordal textures, incidental harmonies and the mysterious melodies scattered throughout each of the three movements.

A, the first movement of this work, a drone in the bass arrives, with the melody coming in a few measures later. The melody is then altered to create a different melody in the exposition. The arrival of the exposition is marked by the steady rhythm of the 808, which is joined by a second 808 later on in the movement. The addition of the second synth, with the same melody / bass as the first synth, leads to Three voices bouncing off of each other as the piece progresses. The piece does a sudden transition to:

B. The second movement is in 6/8, with the three synthesizers from A being the accompaniment for the next two synths that create a Quintet of synths. This section goes straight towards:

C. The final movement is a "false recap", in 4/4. The quintet of synths slowly dragging towards the final cadence of the entire work, repeating the same melody but with with the parts slowly dropping out one by one. The conclusion of this piece ends with all synths ending on a C note, slowly settling back to a drone.

-CB 6/5/2017


released June 5, 2017

Caleb Bristol - Composer / Programmer

(completed 6/4/2017)



all rights reserved


Caleb Bristol Sheridan, Wyoming

Caleb Bristol is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Sheridan, WY. He has been involved with music for his entire life, and started composing at the age of eighteen after being exposed to the music of Frank Zappa

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